Societal partnership

Qatar Center for autism and handicapped people is keen on partnership within Qatarian society via:

  1. Holding lectures and forums and distributing small books to spread awareness pertaining how to deal with handicapped individuals and the significance of early intervention in childhood.
  2. Providing advices and orientation for parents through different audible and written media.
  3. Sharing experiences and networking with different schools (governmental and private) pertaining to how to set suitable programs and striving to apply them on students under educational support in schools.
  4. Partnership with Best Buddies Foundation to enhance life quality for handicapped children and eradicate social isolation by means of different programs which the center is keen on participating in (ex. Yoga programs and all functions are held for the handicapped).
  5. Partnership with Green Apple Nursery in pursuance of social integration and children rehabilitation, as the early intervention is very important in developing language and social skills of the child.
  6. Cooperation with Sidra Medical & Research Center-Qatar Foundation represented in providing suitable rehabilitation services for the children who have been diagnosed via qualified medical team in Sidra Center.
  7. Partnership with Secondary School for Boys (Jassim Bin Hamad) to train school students and serve voluntary work, with the help of handicapped children in training inside the center in different activities.
  8. Participation in annual events and exhibitions where art and crafts works produced by students of the center are exhibited (Al Wakra Secondary for Boys), (Abdelrahman Bin Jassim Secondary School for Boys), and (Al Shaimaa Prep. & Sec. School for Girls).
  9. The center owns a cooperation projects with Leaders International Schools, whereas we are the first center applies integrating handicapped students into inclusive education 5 years ago, as it believed that progress level of children does not stop at the center, however, children can join inclusive education in school classes and attain accredited school certificates.


Admission Procedures:

  1. Contact the management via our numbers to make an appointment order to discuss the child’s condition.
  2. Make an appointment in order to evaluate the child by means of observation, more detailed longer and closer observation, or individual sessions in accordance with his condition.
  3. Observation may be received after week of its date.
  4. The child may be registered according to the recommendation stated in evaluation, after discussing them with the parent and explaining child’s needs and his priorities in training.

Registration Procedures:

  1.  Take a registration form from the center.
  2. Submit requested documents:
  1. Copy of (passport/personal identification card).
  2. Birth certificate.
  3. Vaccination card.
  4. Personal Identification Card (father / mother).
  5. 3 personal photos.
  1. Filling in form of transportation service for the student (optional).